Registration Time:  7:30 am

Competition Start Time:  9:00am


Larry Casillas, Event Director

Phone: 918-520-9977

NOTE:  Submit registration to the following address by October 11, 2019.

Stalls will be provided at the Payne County Fairgrounds on November 8, 2019.  You MUST ARRIVE BETWEEN 5:00PM AND 6:00PM to stall your horse over night.  You will then transport your horse on the morning of November 9rd to the Animal Science Arena.  There are no stalls at the Animal Science Arena, There will be holding areas for horses throughout the day.  The stalls at the Animal Science arena are not suitable for overnight stays.

If you require a stall for Friday night please call John Seals before October 20st  at 918-481-1234.  All horses arriving on Friday evening must arrive between 5:00pm and 6:00pm, Our vet will check the horses in.

Special Olympics Oklahoma

Equestrian Competition

6835 S. Canton Ave.

Tulsa, OK  74136

REQUIRED ENTRY FORMS:                                                                                                      PATTERNS: Equestrian Patterns

  1. Equestrian Entry Form
  2. Athlete’s Medical/Release Form
  3. Unified Partner Release
  4. Athlete with Down Syndrom Form
  5. Area Coaches Card
2720 West McElroy, Stillwater, OK