Coaches Education…because the athletes deserve it!

Special Olympics, Inc. has created a policy enforcing mandatory coach’s certification for all Accredited Programs. The Special Olympics Oklahoma (SOOK) Board of Directors, through the work of the Board Program Committee, has approved and begun implementation of the following policy for Special Olympics Oklahoma.

Each SOOK Team must have a minimum of one certified coach for each official sport. All official sports offered by SOOK will require mandatory coach’s certification within the timeline below. An athlete and/or team will not compete in Special Olympics Oklahoma in any sport without being registered and trained by a Special Olympics certified coach within the timeline below.

Certification requirements

A coach must complete level 1 and level 2 training in order to become certified.

Level 1

Level 1 is a General Orientation to Special Olympics. This is a one-time training that takes approximately 2 hours. This course can be completed at home.

Level 2

Level 2 is a sport specific skills course. The course takes approximately 5 hours and includes 10 hours of practicum coaching experience and filing appropriate certification paper work with SOOK. Certification will remain in effect for a maximum of four years, unless, the coach takes a Level 3 course, Principles of Coaching or Unified Sports®, or retakes the level 2 course within the four year period of time. Level 2 is specific to each sport and each team must be represented by a minimum of one certified coach in each official sport prior to an athlete competing in that sport.

Please refer to Addendum 1 for Special Olympics Oklahoma coach’s certification levels and options

Addendum #1



  • Every Coach must complete the General Orientation program to become a certified coach
  • Approximately 2 hours
  • Coach can complete independently at home Remains in effect as long as Coach remains Certified.



  • Every Coach must complete the sport specific skills course in the sport they wish to coach
  • Approximately 6 hours with a certified trainer and a 10 hour practicum
  • Remains in effect for 4 years at which time the coach must recertify or move to Level 3.



  • Approximately 8 hours classroom instruction
  • Remains in effect for 4 years at which time the Coach must recertify by taking a Level 2 or Level 3 course, or moving to Level 4.



  • The Coach Mentor program will ask a Level 3 Coach to act as a mentor to a new coach.
  • The Level 3 coach will provide advice on all Special Olympics programs, training, competition, and all activities involving Special Olympics.
  • The Coach Mentor will mentor a new coach for a 2 year period of time at which time the Mentor will receive LIFETIME CERTIFICATION.