Instructions to Enter an Event

  • First you must have a Delegation Roster if you do not please complete the box to the right.
  • To enter a competition, scroll down to the calendar.
  • Use the filters to find the event you are interested in by selecting Area and/or Sport.
  • Click on the event you wish to attend. Event details will pop up with event information and links to forms.
  • Complete and submit the Entry Form to the Event Director for the specific sport.
  • Every Athlete, Unified Partner or Young Athlete must have a valid medical and/or release on file in the State Office. (See procedures on the Medical/Release button.)

Submit through your area athletics competition dropbox. So that mean submit your award nominations the same time and place as your athletics registration!

On ALL unified doubles competitions. Team name is Athlete full name / Unified Partner full name. Example: Tesa Jones/Georgia Isenhower

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