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Main Phone Number: 918-481-1234



President & CEO
Adrian DeWendt 918-221-9838

Staff Assistant:
Maddy Alaluf 918-236-0620

Chief Operating Officer:
Derek Cain 918-221-9843

Program Director:
Josie Cox 918-216-9144

Sports and Training Manager:
Brittany Dionne 918-221-8644

Data Assistant:
Kim Largess 918-221-7104

Volunteer and Outreach Manager:
Anne League 918-221-5101

Marketing and Communications Director:
Paige Martin 918-221-5047

Finance Director:
Nguyen Nguyen 918-221-5036

Health and Wellness Coordinator:
Talon Rodriguez 918-236-0906

Special Events Coordinator:
Grace Simpson 918-221-8288

V.P. of Sports and Training:
John Seals 918-217-8946