Please ONLY renew steps 1 & 2 every 3 years. If you are unsure of when these applications expire please check our Class A Volunteer List.

How to Become a Level 1- Assistant Coach:

  1. Volunteer Application & Background Check (“GD Code,” d77zqwc)
  2. Protective Behaviors Training
  3. General Orientation
  4. Concussion in Sports Training, Online class
    • NOTE: After taking the Concussion in Sports Training print off your certificate and email to

How to Become a Level 3- Advanced Certified Coach:

  1. Level 2 completed
  2. You must complete one of the following trainings.
    1. Principles of Coaching
    2. Coaching Unified Sports
    3. Coaching Special Olympics Athletes
    4. Fitness for Sports Coaches
      • NOTE: After taking one of these courses print off your certificate and email to

How to Become a Level 2- Certified Coach:

  1. Level 1 completed
  2. Attend a Sports Specific training

How to Become a Level 4- Coach Mentor:

The Coach Mentor program a Level 3 Advanced Certified Coach who has completed all 4 courses available in Level 3 will then apply by emailing John Seals ( The Level 3 coach will provide advice on all Special Olympics programs, training, competition and all activities involving Special Olympics to a new coach assigned by SOOK.  The Coach Mentor will mentor a new coach for 1 full year, at which time, the Coach Mentor will receive Lifetime certification.

Training Calendar