• If you have already scanned and emailed the 2019-2022 medical &/or release for your team – you do not have to resubmit them.
  • If you have changes to current forms – you must submit corrected forms before you enter an Area or Sectional competition.
  • If you have new athletes/unified partners, you must submit their current med &/or release forms before you enter an area or Sectional competition.


Special Olympics Oklahoma requires every Athlete to have a current medical/release on file in our office. The form is valid for a 3 year period. The current form is valid from June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2022. Every 3 years, a new form will be made available so athletes can visit their doctor to get the information completed and the forms will be submitted by Team Coaches to our state office.

Special Olympics Oklahoma also requires a Release Form for all Unified Partners and Young Athletes who plan to compete in our Program. Parents or adult Unified Partners will complete their own form and Team Coaches will submit them to our state office to be added to our medical database.


  • Special Olympics no longer uses the old Down’s Addendum Form for athletes with Down Syndrome.
  • Page 3 of the Athlete Medical Form – Physical Exam – requires the Doctor to look for symptoms of either

Atlanto-Axial Instability (AAI) or Spinal Cord Compression (SCC) in ALL athletes.

  • If they find symptoms – or the athlete exhibits other medical issues – the athlete will be referred for further evaluation.
  • The Doctor the athlete is referred to will complete Page 4 of the form.
  • If SCC or AAI are found, Parents must complete Page 5 – the AAI Release Form stating that AAI/SCC was found

and the athlete has been cleared to participate in Special Olympics.


Athlete shows NO EVIDENCE of neurological symptoms or physical findings associated with spinal cord compression or atlanto-axial instability.


Athlete has neurological symptoms or physical findings that could be associated with spinal cord compression or atlanto-axial instability and must receive an additional neurological evaluation to rule out additional risk of spinal cord injury prior to clearance for sports participation.


Licensed Medical Examiners: It is recommended that the examiner review items on the medical history with the athlete or their guardian, prior to performing the physical exam. If an athlete needs further medical evaluation please make a referral below and second physician for referral should complete page 4.

This athlete is ABLE to participate in Special Olympics sports without restrictions.


This athlete is ABLE to participate in Special Olympics sports WITH restrictions. Describe

 >                                                                                                                                  This athlete MAY NOT participate in Special Olympics sports at this time & MUST be further evaluated by a physician for the following concerns:

Concerning Cardiac Exam                                     Acute Infection                                                     O2 Saturation Less than 90% on Room Air Concerning Neurological Exam                                              Stage II Hypertension or Greater                                      Hepatomegaly or Splenomegaly

Other, please describe:


Additional Licensed Examiner’s Notes and Recommended (but not required) Follow-up:


   Follow up with a cardiologist  £ Follow up with a neurologist  £ Follow up with a primary care physician  £
   Follow up with a vision specialist  £ Follow up with a hearing specialist  £ Follow up with a dentist or dental hygienist  £
   Follow up with a podiatrist  £

Other/Exam Notes:

Follow up with a physical therapist  £ Follow up with a nutritionist  £


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