Check-In: 8:30am     Star Time: 9:00am

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  September 10, 2023

Email Entry to:

Craig Jones, Event Director

Phone: 918/863-6320

NOTE: Team will be charged a $5 per athlete and partner fee for Golf competition. This fee is only for 9 hole alternate shot and 9 hole individual stroke play. There is no charge for skills competition. Please include $5 for every athlete and partner playing Alternate shot or Individual Stroke play.

A New Rule has been implemented concerning readiness to play 9 hole partner play or 9 hole individual stroke play.  Athletes must complete the skills competition and score a minimum of 50 points in order to qualify to transition from skills play to 9 hole play!


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Volunteer Information

Volunteer Contact:

Michelle Thomas

Phone: (361)739-9671


5223 E. 41st St. N., Tulsa, OK